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Title: Comparison of Case-Based Learning and Traditional Learning Style in Final Year BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) Students in Paediatric Dentistry Unit Lesson
Authors: Deshpande, Anshula
Naik, Kishan S.
Poonacha, K. S.
Dave, Bhavna H.
Joshi, Neelam H.
Mehta, Dimple H.
Keywords: Case-Based Learning
Traditional Learning Style
Final BDS Students
Pre-Test And Post-Test
Stainless Steel Crown
Primary Molars
Improved Knowledge
Issue Date: 23-Feb-2019
Publisher: Applied Medical Research
Abstract: The challenge in the present scenario for dental schools is how to improve the quality of dental education and training of qualified people. Case-based learning (CBL) uses virtual “trigger” cases to stimulate interest and generate the knowledge and skill needed in patient care and can bring the improvement. In the present study, 60 students from final BDS were included and distributed into two major groups (A and B) consisting of 30 students in each group. Group A was given didactic lecture and Group B was trained in the same topic through CBL. Pre- and post-test questionnaire was given to all 60 students before and after the training session. Intra- and intergroup comparisons showed significant difference in both the groups. CBL method showed more improvement in students than observed in students taught through didactic method. CBL simulates the clinical environment and encourages students’ clinical thinking more effectively than conventional teaching.
URI: http://localhost:80/xmlui/handle/123456789/630
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